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Ya Hayy

If you want the pets you feed to be truly domesticated, you can chant this dhikr.

With the intention that the pets you keep can be truly tamed. Sometimes it is the area where animal lovers have the most difficulty. You'll have a hard time raising an animal that doesn't listen to a word you say. Or you have to put some serious effort into teaching a parrot to speak. However, everything in nature as a whole is affected by their frequency under the manifestation of the Name Esmaül Hüsna. If you read the name of Ya Hayy by blowing on the food and drink of any animal before its training, you can see that you can be more successful in taming and training this animal. You can chant the name Ya Hayy with the intention of giving your pets a good education.

With our live dhikr feature, you can chant with anyone you want at the same time and create common dhikr calligraphy.

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